The Benefits of Brain Teasers: Keep that Mind sharp!

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Our annual Oyster Race requires much more than just a fit body. All those marathons you’ve been running are just a drop in the bucket. It takes a keen mind and a sound heart to make it through the multitude of crazy challenges and brain bending puzzles. Stacking empty soup cans with nothing but your mouth and an uncooked spaghetti noodle requires both physical and mental dexterity. Not to mention the ability to hold in your laughter for at least 30 seconds… tough stuff!

Therefore, we recommend adding daily brain teasers to your fitness regiment so your mind can be as in shape as your body. Research has shown that a dexterous brain makes for happier, healthier, people in general. Doing some type of mental exercise, in the form of brain teasers or word and number games can:

  • Boost overall brain activity
  • Increase your memory power
  • Reduce the risk, and slow the decline, of dementia
  • Improve memory and brain processing speed
  • Reduce boredom
  • Improve concentration

And, sorry to inform you Sudoku addicts, but you need to mix it up a bit. Your brain is best exercised by a variety of brain workouts, including crosswords, the common puzzle, and other logic and brain exercises. Sign up with DaisyBrain for daily practice.

Contact Team Player Productions for information about the 2014 Oyster Racing Series.


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