Safety Tips for Exercising in Cold Weather

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Good for you if you’re even reading this. It means you aren’t one of those slouches who uses “freezing cold temperatures” and “harsh icy rain” as an excuse to stay immobile and indoors. But, even the most seasoned athletes need to take precautions and stay safe when exercising during cold weather.

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Recognize hypothermia/frostbite. When core body temperatures dip below 95 degrees, bad things happen. Recognize symptoms of hypothermia include foggy thinking, prolonged shivering and slurred speech. Frostbite occurs when tissues freeze and is characterized by numbness and a whitish or bluish cast to the skin.

Layers. Every 1/4-inch of clothing is a layer of insulation. Use two to three layers or more so you can shed them and re-apply them as needed.

Hydration. It’s still important to hydrate. Drink water before your workout and bring a little with you to drink along the way.

Sun protection. The sun’s glare is intensified by snow and ice so don’t forget to wear sunscreen and protect your eyes using dark sunglasses with UV protection.

Use the fantasy of the next Oyster Race to fuel your winter workouts. Contact us to learn more. Good luck, and may the warmth be with you…

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