Work Happy: Secrets for Building a Positive Work Environment

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Happy business meetingA positive corporate culture can make a huge impact on the bottom line. Happy employees are known for being more productive, and they actually enjoy spending time at their workplace. So how do you boost morale? Take a look at these easy simple steps featured in Fast Company.

  • Offer recognition on a regular basis. Simple acknowledgement of a job well done can go a long way. In fact, recent research shows that 82 percent of people surveyed, said that receiving recognition contributes to their overall job satisfaction. So managers should make an effort to dole out verbal kudos to deserving employees once in a while.
  • Personalize recognition rewards. There is truth to ‘It’s the thought that counts’. However, you should avoid cookie-cutter gifts and show that you value employees by paying attention to what actually interests them. One way to achieve this is through peer-to-peer recognition programs because colleagues are more in tune of what drives each others’ behaviors.
  • Encourage camaraderie. Spending time with fellow employees at an off-site location can do wonders for building strong business bonds. Team Player Productions offers motivating Corporate Urban Adventures, which are enriching experiences in your destination of choice that are tailored to individual organizations. While no team-building activity is exactly the same, clients across different industries have been challenged to show off both brains and brawn and come together as a company.

The much-desired road to happiness at work begins with instilling a positive outlook at all levels of an organization, and these smart strategies are a good start to building a sought-after company environment.



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