Like Fort Collins Food? Learn to Cook for Yourself

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Look – we know you love the Taste of Fort Collins and other delicious Ft. Collins events, but do you think it’s time you stopped mooching off everyone else’s culinary talents and started cultivating some of your own?

There are multiple benefits to learning to cook your own delicious foods. You can eat seasonally, save money, and impress all of your friends. The best way to do that is to Come Back to the Table!

This smart, small business was started by an incredible woman, Linda Hoffman. After the tragic death of her husband, Linda was no longer interested in going through life’s motions. She wanted to L-I-V-E. So, she quit her job, went to culinary school, and eventually decided her passion is teaching others how to prepare, cook and enjoy local seasonal foods. Thus, Come Back to the Table was born.

Her goal is to teach families to prepare delicious, nutritious, and sustainable meals in 30-minutes or less. She says cooking has come to mean “drudgrey” for many people, rather than the “great sensory adventure that it truly is.” She wants to shift this paradigm. Contact Linda to learn more.

And, contact TPP to learn about other Ft. Collins events and great people in the Ft. Collins community.

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