Five Ways to Promote Good Teamwork In the Workplace

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A positive work environment isn’t born out of thin air. It takes hard work and commitment to foster teamwork in the office. Looking for ways to get your team in sync? These five strategies can help with teamwork.

  1. Be a good leader. Whether you’re a manager, or have seniority as a result of company loyalty, you are setting the tone for the rest of the employees in the workplace. Gandhi is often quoted for saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” We add, “Be the type of leader you want to be led by.”
  2. Practice clear communication. Convoluted communication is a recipe for disaster. Team members must feel safe in sharing their ideas, points of view, and feelings. Every idea might not be THEE idea you roll with, but there are no bad ideas. Make sure to foster communicating in the work environment through verbal reward.
  3. Define responsibilities. The more clearly you define each team member’s role and responsibilities, the more effectively they can meet expectations. However, the team should be encouraged to help one another when needed.
  4. Conflict resolution. Any tension or conflict should be resolved as quickly as possible to prevent communication breakdowns and a division of team members. And no, hugging it out is not the only answer! Make sure to put in place clear and concise ways for employees to resolve issues so they know their voice is heard.
  5. Remain positive. As the team leader, your positive and motivated energy will help to inspire the others. So don’t forget to drink that positivity juice in the morning!

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