5 Running Must-Haves to Make Your Urban Adventure a Success

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Oyster the Race Seattle participants.

These ladies are prepared for their racing adventure!

Jason Fitzgerald, author of Strength Running PR Guide, says often people anticipating running events will over-provision themselves. For example, his friend spent $250 on a Garmin GPS she believed would help her during a 5K. On race day, she spent as much time fiddling with her GPS and fretting about inconsistencies as she did pumping her legs.

If you are not a daily or frequent runner, there are five basic necessities you will need for your upcoming urban adventure:

  1. The Perfect Shoe – The right shoes will encourage you to walk and run more, not less.
  2. Good Socks – You need a good, synthetic fiber, not cotton, that will “wick” moisture in your feet. Runner’s World recommends CoolMax®.
  3. Inserts – If you wear inserts for a better fit in your shoes every day, you need them in your running shoes too! Makes sense, right?
  4. Running Watch – For staying on pace, hitting your personal best and keeping track of time, distance, and calories burned a running watch is an excellent choice.
  5. Clothing – Be sure not to overdress. Once you get warmed up, your body heat will make you feel like it’s as much as 20º warmer than it is. T-shirts and shorts are fine for your urban adventure. If you are serious about running, investing in some synthetic fabrics like CoolMax or Dri-Fit® will provide additional comfort.

There’s an urban adventure coming your way this summer and it’s the Oyster The Raceone of the premiere urban team adventures. If you are interested please contact us for additional information.

Image: Oyster Racing Series

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