Unlock the Secrets to Successful Teamwork: Trust and Accountability

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Regardless of how specialized your office employee roles are, there should still be some sense of “all-for-one-and-one-for-all.” Without this, the synergy in the office can break down. Cultivating an atmosphere of trust and accountability goes a long way toward creating an atmosphere of teamwork in the office.

Here are some of the secrets to successful teamwork:

  1. Define responsibilities. Let your employees know exactly what their job duties are, so there’s no confusion. Then, make it clear that you value teamwork and 20% of employee efforts should be spent helping their colleagues out. Besides just defininte these responsibilities, make sure to follow up on them. For example, “Are you comfortable in your role, what are your challenges, how can the team help?” Making sure to not only define, but track progress.
  2. Create an employee manual. Create an employee manual that clearly states your expectations, office protocols, the company policies for sick days, personal phone calls, personal time, etc. This will help everyone to understand their expectations and boundaries. This step is often hard for small businesses who are now movin’ on up in the world and becoming top dogs! Protocol sounds boring, but it can often be the saving grace to keeping a company in the vision of success.
  3. Open-door policy. Always foster a climate that welcomes open communication.
  4. Never show favoritism. There is nothing that will divide an office more than a manager who plays favorites and outcasts. It’s inexcusable in the workplace. Everyone’s a team player here at TPP!
  5. Shake things up. Don’t let it get boring. Offer opportunities for office employees to socialize, have fun, and step outside the routine. This can often be where your best ideas will come from, and a few cocktails always helps.

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